Please note all zkApps are curently WIP or POC's.
Please note all zkApps are currently WIP or POC's.

zkIgnite 3: Automating Mina Rewards

zkIgnite 3: Automating Mina Rewards

Automating Mina Rewards Distribution: A Go-based Solution with Blockberry API Integration.
Tech Proposal Overview

The proposal introduces a Go-based solution aimed at automating Mina rewards distribution through seamless integration with the Blockberry API. This innovative script caters to Mina validators, offering a reliable and compliant mechanism for automating reward distributions as per the Mina Foundation Delegation Program requirements. The solution not only simplifies the intricate process of manual reward distribution but also guarantees precision, efficiency, and strict adherence to Mina’s guidelines.

Problem Statement

Validators operating within the Mina network currently grapple with the laborious task of manually computing and distributing rewards to delegators at the conclusion of each epoch. This manual approach is susceptible to errors and poses operational challenges, necessitating a more streamlined and automated solution.


The proposed Go-based script intricately utilizes the Blockberry API to automate the entire reward calculation and distribution process. Key features include the handling of substitute payments, negotiated fees, burn rates, and alignment with familiar manual processes that validators are accustomed to.

Architecture & Design

This section delves into the detailed architecture and design of the proposed solution, serving as a reference for electors evaluating criteria such as Scalability, Architecture, and Feasibility.


The script intelligently leverages Blockberry API endpoints to fetch essential data such as block data, canonical blocks, delegator lists, and account nonces. It then computes rewards based on this data. Custom files (.substitutePayTo, .negotiatedFees, .negotiatedBurn, .burnSupercharged) have been incorporated, allowing validators to define unique payout conditions. These files are based on the @jrwashburn payout script ( to ensure a seamless transition between scripts without encountering issues.

Read the original proposal visit > 
Ducca Staketab (Discord: duccaofficial)
Github Link:

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Social Cap

Mina Navigators is poised to establish a groundbreaking standard for ZK developer engagement, urging innovators to embark on the journey of creating, refining, and contributing to the Mina ecosystem.


There are three distinct phases within the Navigator program:

  1. Hackathon: October 9 through November 10
  2. Learn-to-earn challenges: November 2023 through April 2024
  3. Final contribution grant: April 30, 2024
Phase One

In Phase One, known as The Navigators Hackathon, commencing on October 9th, a five-week hackathon unfolds. Outstanding submissions during this period stand a chance to receive MINA token grants and a coveted 'Navigator' badge—a symbol of acceptance into the Navigators program. Those adorned with the badge qualify for Phase Two, engaging in monthly challenges to accrue grants.

Developers are tasked with constructing functional and efficient proof-of-concept applications and tooling for Mina. This endeavor aims to spotlight their ingenuity and technical prowess across diverse use cases on the Mina platform.

Judging involves a panel of seven individuals from the Mina ecosystem. For more comprehensive information regarding grants, submission criteria, and the judging process, the Navigators hub offers detailed insights.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, the Navigators embark on the Build and Learn-to-Earn journey (or, as they humorously term it, Navigate-to-Earn). This marks the initiation of the enjoyable phase. Post-hackathon, Navigators engage in collaborative efforts, either on their personal projects or those of their peers from the hackathon. Their active participation in a 6-month series of challenges positions them to earn monthly grants, facilitating an accelerated learning experience on ZK, Mina, and o1js.

Phase Three

As Phase Three unfolds, the Navigators, having invested six months of unwavering dedication and hard work, seize the opportunity to present their contributions. A panel of community electors becomes the discerning audience, evaluating these endeavors for the coveted grand prizes of MINA grants. Notably, these prizes distinguish themselves by being non-project-specific, emphasizing individual contributions spread across various projects and GitHub repositories.

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