Mina Protocol zkApps

Anomix Network

Anomix Network is a zk-zkRollup layer2 solution focusing on privacy and scalability.

Canvas – Berkeley Testnet

Designed to test interactivity with the Berkeley QA Net.

Guesser Race – Berkeley Testnet

zkApp Guesser Race replicates conditions of a “guessing” competition.

zkApp – MultiSign – Berkeley Testnet

This is a simple implementation of a multisignature wallet.

Adventrue – A True Adventure with ZK

ZK Treasure Hunt with o1js


Create, manage, and monitor online exams while tracking the performance of your participants.


Prove statements about yourself to third parties without revealing any personal data.


ZK Poker game

Punk Poll

Decentralized voting and public opinion polling platform.

Social Cap

Community-based attestation protocol.

zkIgnite 3: ’Sliced’ Approach to Cooperative Group Purchases

Revolutionize financial product interactions.

zkIgnite 3: ATLASPAD

Fully Trustless Cross/ Multi-Chain ZK Launchpad

zkIgnite 3: Automating Mina Rewards

Automating Mina Rewards Distribution.

zkIgnite 3: ChainIDE

Cloud-powered zkApp development Platform with Lightnet support + AI Code Assistant

zkIgnite 3: Decentralized Identity Credentials

(& trust score computation for Mina Ecosystem and beyond).

zkIgnite 3: Discord Umstad

Discord Bot seamlessly integrated with the zkApp Umstad infrastructure.

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