Anomix Network

Anomix Network is a zk-zkRollup layer2 solution focusing on privacy and scalability.

zkIgnite 3: ’Sliced’ Approach to Cooperative Group Purchases

Revolutionize financial product interactions.

zkIgnite 3: ATLASPAD

Fully Trustless Cross/ Multi-Chain ZK Launchpad

zkIgnite 3: Automating Mina Rewards

Automating Mina Rewards Distribution.

zkIgnite 3: ChainIDE

Cloud-powered zkApp development Platform with Lightnet support + AI Code Assistant

zkIgnite 3: Decentralized Identity Credentials

(& trust score computation for Mina Ecosystem and beyond).

zkIgnite 3: Discord Umstad

Discord Bot seamlessly integrated with the zkApp Umstad infrastructure.

zkIgnite 3: DRMina

Digital Content Marketplace With DRM Protection.

zkIgnite 3: ENS Resolver on Mina

Free ENS Subdomains on Mina.

zkIgnite 3: Galxe Protocol

A self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution.

zkIgnite 3: Kaupang DEX

Phase II, XYK AMM and Orderbook (Road to the Dark Pools).

zkIgnite 3: KimlikDAO Pass

zk-Identity account that you truly own.

zkIgnite 3: Mina Domain Name Service

domain name service to the Mina Blockchain.

zkIgnite 3: Minager League

A Fantasy Football genre gamificated staking project.

zkIgnite 3: MRLN – Rate Limiting Nullifier on Mina

Rate limiting and spam prevention in zkApps.

zkIgnite 3: Ozkar

Building foundations for a dynamic healthcare ecosystem.

zkIgnite 3: Pass3

Umbrella Solution to Identity Issue.

zkIgnite 3: Plonk Verifier within o1js

To integrate existing Data Availability Solutions.

zkIgnite 3: Trident

A permissionless liquidity Rollup on MINA with an offchain orderbook

zkIgnite 3: ZK-SMART-NFC

Anti Counterfeit protocol using ZK-SMART-NFC.

zkIgnite 3: zkCloudWorker

A fast cloud proving service for zkApps

zkIgnite 3: zkEmail in o1js

Leveraging email server domains to directly generate proofs into smart contract logic.

ETHSeoul 2024: MiDNA

Analyzing the presence or absence of rare or genetic diseases

ETHSeoul 2024: Web-based o1js prover interface

o1js Proof System

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