Explorers & Tools


Create, manage, and monitor online exams while tracking the performance of your participants.


Prove statements about yourself to third parties without revealing any personal data.

Punk Poll

Decentralized voting and public opinion polling platform.

zkIgnite 3: Automating Mina Rewards

Automating Mina Rewards Distribution.

zkIgnite 3: Discord Umstad

Discord Bot seamlessly integrated with the zkApp Umstad infrastructure.

zkIgnite 3: Mina Domain Name Service

domain name service to the Mina Blockchain.



Implementing on-chain voting solutions for the Mina Protocol.

Mina Explorer

Soon to be discontinued Explorer, plus Mina Protocol staking service.


Minascan is a popular Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Mina Protocol.


Minataur is a popular Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Mina Protocol.

O(1) Labs

O(1) Labs created o1js, a TypeScript library for zk-SNARKs and zkApps.


Together with Lumina, Cred aim to create a secure and accountable decentralized financial ecosystem.


A zero-knowledge state bridge from Mina to Ethereum.


Lumina has been developed to drive the next wave of retail and institutional blockchain use cases.

Paima Studios

Paima is a Web3 Engine optimized for games, gamification and autonomous worlds.


Protokit Mina Protocol

Protokit is a modular and privacy enabled application chain development framework for the MINA ecosystem.

zkok.io your guide to zkApps, the Mina Protocol Ecosystem and beyond.

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