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Support developers, test zkApps, contribute and be rewarded.

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Sustainable Growth

zkok's aim is to facilitate, grow and support close relationships between zkApp builders, ecosystem partners and the 'Community' in order to increase visibility, and encourage talented individuals to build amazing products with Mina Protocol.

We would also like to facilitate a safe, respectful environment where opinions are shared freely, and where development teams can work directly with community members to obtain feedback on zkApps in private testing enviroments that will, in the near future directly utilize zk technology in the process and serve as a showcase for use cases.

We will also work closely with other Mina Protocol community projects to offer maximum value

zkok is a multiple grant awardee and has been involved in the Mina Protocol ecosystem since almost the very beginning, forging strong relationships with all participants across the ecosystem.


Sometimes it feels like the Wild West in the world of crypto. This website aims to be a source of trusted information, and a place where community members can find good advice and recommendations from fellow users. Developers can showcase their work and find collaborators, plus they can ask Mina community members to help with performance feedback and testing.

Helping each other

If we can assist developers in areas such as this, together with translations and zkApp reviews, we can build a strong platform full of resources for builders and zkApps that everyone can use, and in turn attract more builders to the ecosystem.

As the landscape of zkApps becomes more visible, we hope to work with zkAuditors to create a safe space for 'Trusted zkApps'.

Building Teams / Jobs (coming soon)

Would you like to work with other developers building with o1js or do you have a vacancy for your team? In the near future we will be lauching a CoMINAty space where teams will be able to advertise for vacancies and developers will be able to post their details.

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