zkIgnite 3: zkEmail in o1js

zkIgnite 3: zkEmail in o1js

The proposal puts forward an innovative approach leveraging email server domains to directly generate proofs into smart contract logic, thereby facilitating a range of practical applications.
These include:

– Authentication of ownership for social media handles or off-chain payments.
– Verification of work history for credible and anonymous reviews.
– Creation of an email wallet for secure transactions or account recovery.

Inspired by the existing zkEmail project, zkignite aims to overhaul the proving system using kimchi with o1js. This entails two main tasks:

1. Proving email headers and signatures through a combination of SHA256, RSA, and custom email verifier circuits.
2. Utilizing Regex for email content verification and structure confirmation.

Introducing a comprehensive ZK Regex package in o1js will significantly enhance web2 interoperability with the MINA blockchain, enabling private verification of text data on-chain.

The envisioned end-user journey involves zkApp developers defining the necessary email information, users providing raw email data for proof generation, and subsequent verification on the Mina blockchain. This seamless process promises enhanced security and reliability for a wide range of applications.

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La proposition avance une approche innovante exploitant les domaines des serveurs de courrier électronique pour générer directement des preuves dans la logique des contrats intelligents, facilitant ainsi une gamme d’applications pratiques.

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