Canvas – Berkeley Testnet

Designed to test interactivity with the Berkeley QA Net.

Guesser Race – Berkeley Testnet

zkApp Guesser Race replicates conditions of a “guessing” competition.

Adventrue – A True Adventure with ZK

ZK Treasure Hunt with o1js


ZK Poker game

zkIgnite 3: Minager League

A Fantasy Football genre gamificated staking project.

zkApp – NFT – Berkeley Testnet

NFT project that uses snarkyjs’s actions/reducer feature and merkle tree.

zkApp – PageApp – Berkeley Testnet

Prove you are over 18 on the blockchain on a zero-knowledge basis using hash chains.


City development arcade game on MINA.

Recursive Gaming – EthGlobal Istanbul WIP zkApp

Light-weight application specific zkVM for proving the gameplay of the collector game.

Artsy Wave – ETH Tokyo2023 WIP zkApp

eth tokyo 2023 mina protocol
NFT Multi Level Marketing protocol that promotes creativity.

MINA Wordle

A visual image of Wordle zkapp for Mina Protocol

Mina Protocol zkApp: A smart contract wallet that offers effortless security for cryptocurrency.

BlindMansBluff: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

BlindMansBluff was developed by Wotomoas.

CheckerSnapp: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A Checkers game built to demonstrate Mina zkApps Smart Contracts at work.

Hangman: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A hangman game using zk proofs for Mina Protocol.

Mina Secret Exchange: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

The secret exchange allows users to buy imaginary tokens.

Much Flip Game: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

You’ll have to guess what your computer thinks and then you’ll have to defeat it. your guide to zkApps, the Mina Protocol Ecosystem and beyond.

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