Prove statements about yourself to third parties without revealing any personal data.

Punk Poll

Decentralized voting and public opinion polling platform.

zkIgnite 3: ’Sliced’ Approach to Cooperative Group Purchases

Revolutionize financial product interactions.

zkIgnite 3: ATLASPAD

Fully Trustless Cross/ Multi-Chain ZK Launchpad

zkIgnite 3: Decentralized Identity Credentials

(& trust score computation for Mina Ecosystem and beyond).

zkIgnite 3: Galxe Protocol

A self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution.

zkIgnite 3: KimlikDAO Pass

zk-Identity account that you truly own.

zkIgnite 3: Ozkar

Building foundations for a dynamic healthcare ecosystem.

zkIgnite 3: Pass3

Umbrella Solution to Identity Issue.

PoZKer- zkHack Nov23

Poker based on cryptography.

Two and a half zk – zkHack Nov23

Pocket-kimchi provides mobile bindings for o1js to the underlying Kimchi Rust proof system for Swift.

zk-Voting App – zkHack Nov23

A Secure Voting System that harnesses the capabilities of the o1js library and the Mina blockchain.

zkAargon – zkHack Nov23

zkAargon was built to prove a solution to a puzzle without revealing how.

ZK-Cred: ZK Builders Program

zkbuilders program 2022
A simplified PoC of SnarkyJS verifiable credentials selective disclosure.


A smart contract wallet that offers effortless security for cryptocurrency.

WrdHom – zk Social Media

WrdHom presents an auditable social media solution. your guide to zkApps, the Mina Protocol Ecosystem and beyond.

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