zkIgnite 3: Galxe Protocol

zkIgnite 3: Galxe Protocol

Galxe, a leading platform for Web3 communities, boasts over 15 million users and 4.4k+ partners, offering the largest privacy-protected KYC service with Galxe Passport, surpassing 500K paid users.

The Galxe Protocol introduces a self-sovereign identity system where users generate zero-knowledge proofs locally, enhancing privacy and security. Galxe Passport acts as a KYC issuer, allowing 500K+ users to verify credentials without compromising privacy.

To enhance security and efficiency, the proposal introduces o1js support to the Galxe Protocol for improved zk verification.

The problem addressed is the limitations of traditional identity management systems in the era of digital inter-connectivity. Centralized models face challenges in privacy, security, and sovereignty.

The proposed solution, Galxe Protocol, utilizes verifiable credentials powered by zero-knowledge proofs. It enables selective information disclosure while maintaining pseudonyms, ensuring privacy. With a user-friendly design, proofs can be generated within seconds and verified on-chain affordably.

The protocol supports issuers and verifiers with SDKs for easy ZKP implementation. It allows most issuers to create credentials without code, enhancing verification efficiency with zkOAT mechanism.

To stay adaptable, the protocol adopts a modular design, with plans to integrate o1js for future-proofing.

Team Members
Zack Meltzer

Discord ID:zachgalxe
Twitter @Galxe

Read the original zkIgnite proposal here >


Le Protocole Galxe introduit un système d’identité autonome où les utilisateurs génèrent des preuves à connaissance nulle localement, améliorant la confidentialité et la sécurité.

Le Passeport Galxe agit comme émetteur de KYC, permettant à plus de 500 000 utilisateurs de vérifier les justificatifs sans compromettre la confidentialité.

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