ETHSeoul 2024: Web-based o1js prover interface

ETHSeoul 2024: Web-based o1js prover interface

Developers often encounter challenges when implementing O1js, or any proof system, particularly on the client side. While previous solutions have allowed for the creation of zk proofs within browser environments, they lacked integration with distributed ledgers, limiting on-chain functionalities.

The Web-based O1js prover interface addresses this issue by amalgamating features from various solutions. Powered by O1js, the interface offers seamless web-based on-chain proof capabilities adaptable to any web application.

Upon user input, the interface initiates the O1js proof generation pipeline offline, submitting the execution receipt to Mina for verification.

Challenges encountered
The project faced two primary challenges:

1. Interacting with the Mina ledger, particularly the test network, proved less smooth than anticipated. Transaction finalization delays occurred frequently, especially when dealing with the zkApp contract, necessitating repeated deployments for error debugging.

– The team mitigated this challenge by conducting most work and testing on the local blockchain.

2. Unexpected difficulties arose when transmitting data in and out of web workers. Data serialization had to adhere to web worker requirements.

– To address this, the team systematically tested each data property for proper serialization/deserialization to ensure end-to-end functionality.

Team Members – Taiga Labs
Elden Park

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L’interface de démonstration web basée sur O1js aborde cette question en fusionnant des caractéristiques de diverses solutions. Alimentée par O1js, l’interface offre des capacités de preuve en chaîne sans faille adaptées à toute application web.

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