Anomix Network

Anomix Network is a zk-zkRollup layer2 solution focusing on privacy and scalability.

Canvas – Berkeley Testnet

Designed to test interactivity with the Berkeley QA Net.

Guesser Race – Berkeley Testnet

zkApp Guesser Race replicates conditions of a “guessing” competition.

zkApp – MultiSign – Berkeley Testnet

This is a simple implementation of a multisignature wallet.

zkApp – NFT – Berkeley Testnet

NFT project that uses snarkyjs’s actions/reducer feature and merkle tree.

zkApp – PageApp – Berkeley Testnet

Prove you are over 18 on the blockchain on a zero-knowledge basis using hash chains.

UI – Berkeley Testnet

Proves a user knows the answer to a math problem without revealing the actual answer. 

Medellín – ETH Bogotá WIP zkApp

A privacy-preserving and fair raffle tooling for all of the web3 projects who have the demand to do whitelist raffling.

PrivateMultiSig – ETH Bogotá WIP zkApp

A Multi Signature Wallet with private voting solution.

SnarkyBaras – ETH Bogotá WIP zkApp

A Zero-knowledge ‘Capybara’ themed Battleships using SnarkyJS & Mina.

HARPO – ETH Mexico WIP zkApp

A zkApp which allows everyone to create a stealth address using Mina protocol.


Keyppi – ETH Mexico WIP zkApp

A simple and secure user experience to retrieve your private keys without ever exposing them.

Vaultmi – ETH Mexico WIP zkApp

Deploy secrets or files over the network with proof.

AlterLend – EthGlobal Istanbul WIP zkApp

A zkEnabled Lending Protocol on the MINA Blockchain leveraging their zk frameworks.


Full info coming soon.

Examina – Eth Global Istanbul WIP zkApp

Where students self-verify exams with Mina & ZK technology.

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