zkIgnite 3: Decentralized Identity Credentials

zkIgnite 3: Decentralized Identity Credentials

Online identity theft and privacy breaches are prevalent issues due to centralized and hackable ID methods, creating risks for user data. Additionally, in web3, wallets lack reputational links, making it challenging for apps to assess their trustworthiness swiftly, leading to ineffective risk management.

To address these challenges, the proposed solution enables users to attach verifiable reputation credentials and aggregated scores to their wallets, enhancing their recognition and trustworthiness to applications. This solution leverages Mina’s system to incorporate flexible privacy preservation and integrity verification, ensuring each wallet is uniquely identifiable with a reliable reputation score.

The architecture involves a multi-layer identity tech stack, facilitating user-controlled data sharing while providing quick credibility checks for verifiers. Digitally signed claims and zk-proofs are utilized, with verifiable computation for trust scores. Credentials originate from both on-chain and off-chain data feeds, enabling users to present credentials securely, and o1js plays a vital role in zk-based presentation of verifiable credentials, verifying ownership of different user accounts, and enabling verifiable computation of scores.

Simon Molitor
Discord ID: _simol
Twitter: @simonmolitor

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La solution proposée permet aux utilisateurs d’attacher des justificatifs de réputation vérifiables et des scores agrégés à leurs portefeuilles, améliorant leur reconnaissance et leur fiabilité vis-à-vis des applications.

Cette solution tire parti du système Mina pour incorporer la préservation flexible de la confidentialité et la vérification de l’intégrité, garantissant que chaque portefeuille soit identifié de manière unique avec un score de réputation fiable.

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