Please note all zkApps are curently WIP or POC's.
Please note all zkApps are currently WIP or POC's.

zkIgnite 3: Ozkar

zkIgnite 3: Ozkar

Overview of the Ozkar Healthcare Project

Ozkar is actively engaged in the development of tools, infrastructure, and content to establish a robust and thriving healthcare ecosystem on the Mina blockchain. With a primary focus on integration, Ozkar recognizes the unparalleled opportunities presented by Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, offering a unique avenue to connect blockchain with healthcare IT systems while simultaneously ensuring enhanced privacy guarantees.

Problem Statement

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare IT, developers encounter significant hurdles when attempting to integrate advanced cryptographic technologies, specifically Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), with healthcare information systems. This integration is pivotal for elevating privacy and security in healthcare applications, particularly when handling sensitive patient data and complying with stringent regulatory requirements. The existing ecosystem lacks accessible, developer-friendly tools and infrastructure that seamlessly integrate these technologies with established healthcare standards like FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

This gap inhibits innovation and the development of healthcare software that can fully harness the privacy-preserving potential of ZKP without compromising interoperability or user-friendly development practices. Developers often grapple with complex integration processes, creating barriers to entry, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or independent developers. Consequently, the potential for creating a new generation of secure, interoperable, and user-centric healthcare applications remains largely untapped.

The Ozkar project seeks to address this problem by offering a comprehensive suite of tools, infrastructure, and content, streamlining the development of ZKP-enabled healthcare applications. By prioritizing the integration of ZKP with the FHIR standard, Ozkar aims to empower developers to swiftly and effortlessly build applications that provide unprecedented levels of privacy and security for patient data, thereby addressing a critical pain point in healthcare IT.


Ozkar’s solution revolves around providing tools and infrastructure that maximize interoperability with the FHIR standard, ensuring that the development workflow aligns as closely as possible with conventional software development practices using FHIR.

The first phase of the project focuses on simplifying the development workflow within one of the most widely used standards in healthcare. By doing so, Ozkar aims to break down initial barriers surrounding the intersection of blockchain and healthcare. Once the Mina Bridge becomes available, this will pave the way for other blockchains to integrate with real-life healthcare data, expanding the scope and potential impact of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector.

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Robin Sarfati (Discord: robi#4970)

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Social Cap

Mina Navigators is poised to establish a groundbreaking standard for ZK developer engagement, urging innovators to embark on the journey of creating, refining, and contributing to the Mina ecosystem.


There are three distinct phases within the Navigator program:

  1. Hackathon: October 9 through November 10
  2. Learn-to-earn challenges: November 2023 through April 2024
  3. Final contribution grant: April 30, 2024
Phase One

In Phase One, known as The Navigators Hackathon, commencing on October 9th, a five-week hackathon unfolds. Outstanding submissions during this period stand a chance to receive MINA token grants and a coveted 'Navigator' badge—a symbol of acceptance into the Navigators program. Those adorned with the badge qualify for Phase Two, engaging in monthly challenges to accrue grants.

Developers are tasked with constructing functional and efficient proof-of-concept applications and tooling for Mina. This endeavor aims to spotlight their ingenuity and technical prowess across diverse use cases on the Mina platform.

Judging involves a panel of seven individuals from the Mina ecosystem. For more comprehensive information regarding grants, submission criteria, and the judging process, the Navigators hub offers detailed insights.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, the Navigators embark on the Build and Learn-to-Earn journey (or, as they humorously term it, Navigate-to-Earn). This marks the initiation of the enjoyable phase. Post-hackathon, Navigators engage in collaborative efforts, either on their personal projects or those of their peers from the hackathon. Their active participation in a 6-month series of challenges positions them to earn monthly grants, facilitating an accelerated learning experience on ZK, Mina, and o1js.

Phase Three

As Phase Three unfolds, the Navigators, having invested six months of unwavering dedication and hard work, seize the opportunity to present their contributions. A panel of community electors becomes the discerning audience, evaluating these endeavors for the coveted grand prizes of MINA grants. Notably, these prizes distinguish themselves by being non-project-specific, emphasizing individual contributions spread across various projects and GitHub repositories.

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