zkIgnite 3: DRMina

zkIgnite 3: DRMina

Digital content producers face significant losses due to piracy, impacting both revenue and employment opportunities, particularly affecting independent developers, with video games being one of the hardest-hit sectors.

While Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions are commonly used to combat piracy, they come with drawbacks such as rising costs and privacy concerns. Most DRM systems are opaque about the data they collect, potentially compromising user privacy and system performance.

To address these challenges, the proposed solution integrates Mina and Zk-proofs to create a decentralized DRM protection method. Unlike traditional DRM systems, this approach utilizes Zk-proofs to verify game ownership based on unique device identifiers, ensuring privacy and reducing costs for developers. Additionally, the modular and efficient nature of Zk-proofs minimizes performance issues associated with DRM.

The proposed architecture includes a marketplace integrated with Mina for secure transactions, contracts to generate account-device-based Zk-proofs, and DRM-protected games that run seamlessly with valid proofs. Users purchase games on Mina or supported marketplaces, and the DRMina ZkApp generates proofs based on game and device information, ensuring authenticity and privacy. These proofs are re-validated locally each time the game is accessed, eliminating the need for constant recreation unless specific conditions require it for license security.

Kadircan Bozkurt
Discord ID:duldulosman

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La solution proposée intègre Mina et les preuves Zk pour créer une méthode de protection DRM décentralisée.

Contrairement aux systèmes DRM traditionnels, cette approche utilise les preuves Zk pour vérifier la propriété des jeux basée sur des identifiants de dispositifs uniques, assurant la confidentialité et réduisant les coûts pour les développeurs.

De plus, la nature modulaire et efficace des preuves Zk minimise les problèmes de performance associés aux DRM.

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