zkIgnite Grant Program: A Midpoint Milestone Triumph

The zkIgnite program, a key initiative for the Mina Protocol, has reached an impressive milestone in its third cohort. Out of the 25 funded projects, 22 have successfully passed their midpoint milestones, showcasing the innovation and dedication within the Mina community.

Overview of zkIgnite

zkIgnite supports developers and entrepreneurs building on the Mina Protocol. It offers grants and community support to help turn innovative ideas into tangible projects.

Cohort 3 Evaluation

In Cohort 3, 106 proposals were reviewed, and 25 projects were funded. These projects span various areas, including zkApps, developer tools, and infrastructure, highlighting Mina’s versatility.

Successful Projects

Notable projects that have met their milestones include:

  • Kaupang DEX (Phase 2): A decentralized exchange featuring XYK pools and private order books.
  • Trident: An orderbook exchange with off-chain execution and on-chain verification.
  • Pass3: An identity solution using OCR, NFC, and ML technologies.
  • Anomix Network (Phase 2): A zkRollup with a native ID system for multi-device synchronization and account recovery.

Developer Tools and Infrastructure

Eleven projects focusing on developer tools and infrastructure have also made significant progress:

Community Impact

The success of zkIgnite Cohort 3 reflects the talent and innovation within the Mina community. The community-led evaluation and support model has proven effective in fostering significant advancements in the Mina ecosystem.

Future Prospects

As these projects continue to develop, they will receive ongoing support to ensure they meet their final milestones. The Mina Protocol, with its enhanced zk programmability and unique privacy features, remains a compelling platform for developers. If you are interested in building with Mina there is also the Navigators grant program.

For more details on the funded projects and future updates, visit the Mina Protocol blog.

Evaluation of Data

You can see the detaileed info HERE

  • Successful Projects (22 out of 25):
  • These projects have passed their midpoint milestones, indicating strong progress and alignment with their goals.
  • The diversity in project types, from identity solutions to developer tools, underscores the broad applicability of the Mina Protocol.
  • Unsuccessful Projects (3 out of 25):
  • While three projects did not meet their milestones, the high success rate of 88% (22/25) highlights the robust support and selection process of the zkIgnite program.


The zkIgnite Cohort 3 midpoint results are a significant milestone for the Mina Protocol, demonstrating the program’s effectiveness in nurturing innovative projects and contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

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