Weekly Recap: What’s Happening in Mina Protocol 26th May 2024

As we dive into another exciting week with Mina Protocol, there are several noteworthy updates and developments to share. From the much-anticipated Mainnet upgrade to vibrant community activities and insightful news from the ZKON Network, here’s a comprehensive overview of the latest happenings.

Mainnet Upgrade News

The Mina Protocol community is buzzing with excitement as we inch closer to the Mainnet upgrade. Here are the key updates:

1. Stop Loss Node Version Published: @o1_labs has taken a significant step by releasing the stop loss node version, marking the initial phase of the Mainnet upgrade. This milestone was achieved ten days before the upgrade date, setting the stage for more advancements.

2. Road to Upgrade Call: A detailed “Road to Upgrade” call took place on Wednesday, providing valuable insights into the progress with exchanges, technical developments including the node and the pre-release of Berkeley, and outlining the next steps in the upgrade process.

3. Node Operators Upgrade Deadline: All node operators must upgrade to version 3.0.0 post-Berkeley by June 4th. This upgrade is crucial for ensuring seamless integration and operation on the new Mainnet.

Mina Community Times

The Mina community continues to thrive with various engaging activities and updates:

1. Mina Navigator Update: The grant application period for Mina Navigator has closed. Community members can now review all finalized grants. For more details, you can access the grants [here](htps://www.notion.so/e9726d7332f2422093b071d835d1dda2?pvs=21).

2. #ProofOfEverything Trend: A new trend has emerged within the community—#ProofOfEverything. Early participants have started sharing creative memes on @minacryptocom, @web3_fraETH, and other profiles. Join the fun and showcase your meme-making skills!

3. Release of o1js v1.3.0: 01Labs has rolled out version 1.3.0 of o1js, now available on npm. This update brings various enhancements and features. Check out the detailed announcement on Discord for more information.

AtlasPad News

@AtlasPad continues to make strides with several significant updates:

1. ChatBot Functionality: The ChatBot has undergone extensive testing and is now fully operational, demonstrating robust performance and reliability.

2. Ambassador Program: The Ambassador Program has successfully concluded, attracting over 200 applications from enthusiastic community members.

3. AtlasPad Litepaper: A comprehensive Litepaper has been published, outlining the primary goals and features of the AtlasPad project. This document serves as an informative guide for understanding the project’s vision and objectives.

ZKON Network News

@zkon_network remains dedicated to educating its community about its innovative products and technologies:

1. Education on Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs): The ZKON Network has been actively sharing knowledge about VRFs, which are crucial for generating secure and verifiable randomness. These functions are particularly beneficial for applications in gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. For more details, you can read their blog post or join the conversation on their Discord [here](https://discord.gg/A7ktKvUNT7).

Join the Journey: With proof, we can achieve everything. Stay updated with the latest news and developments in Mina Protocol by following me on Twitter @0xJayS_eth. Let’s continue this exciting journey together!

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