zkIgnite 3: Trident

zkIgnite 3: Trident

Trident operates as an orderbook exchange, enhanced by a rollup on Mina to verify the accurate execution of order matching. This setup enables a trading experience with high throughput, while still ensuring the validity of the order matching engine through on-chain verification, blending off-chain exchange functionality with on-chain assurances.

The integration of an off-chain orderbook in Trident facilitates rapid trading speeds, coupled with on-chain validity proofs evaluated lazily using zero-knowledge proofs. This hybrid approach balances the need for fast and efficient trades with the security and transparency inherent in blockchain technology.

At the application layer, Trident comprises several components: a sequencer, responsible for maintaining the correct order of trades; an order-matching engine, ensuring efficient and swift order matching; a rollup, tasked with verifying the execution trace of the engine; and a liquidity bridge, facilitating deposits and withdrawals between the L2 (rollup) and L1 (Mina) layers.

Rahul Ghangas / Shreyas Londhe
Discord ID: RahulG#8064 / shryasss
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Trident fonctionne comme une bourse à carnet d’ordres, améliorée par un rollup sur Mina pour vérifier l’exécution précise de l’appariement des ordres.

Cette configuration permet une expérience de trading à haut débit, tout en assurant la validité du moteur d’appariement des ordres grâce à une vérification en chaîne, combinant les fonctionnalités d’échange hors chaîne avec des assurances en chaîne.

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