Navigators Season 1 Grand Prize Winners

The Mina Foundation has proudly announced the grand prize winners for the first season of its Navigators grant program. This initiative is designed to support and promote innovation within the Mina ecosystem, especially in the field of zero-knowledge (ZK) technology.

Winners of Season 1

After months of dedication and hard work, 12 finalists presented their groundbreaking projects to a panel of community electors. Six grand prize winners were selected based on their innovative contributions and technical achievements. Here are the winners along with insights on their projects:


  • A gaming platform powered by ZK proofs, enabling secure and private gaming experiences.
  • Awarded: 50,000 MINA.
  • zkNoid aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by integrating zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring both fun and security in gaming environments.


  • Provides zero-knowledge identity proofs for age, nationality, and humanity, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Awarded: 37,500 MINA.
  • This project focuses on providing privacy-preserving identity solutions, crucial for online interactions and verifications.

Mina Playground:

  • An interactive learning platform for zkApps, designed to educate and inspire developers.
  • Award: 37,500 MINA.
  • Serving as an educational tool, Mina Playground is essential for developers looking to delve into zkApps, offering hands-on learning experiences.

ZK Regex:

  • A library that enables regular expression verification using zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Award: 25,000 MINA.
  • By enabling regex verification with zero-knowledge proofs, this library enhances the security and efficiency of data validation processes.


  • Description: An interoperable zero-knowledge social layer, promoting private and secure social interactions.
  • Award: 25,000 MINA.
  • Insight: Promoting privacy in social interactions, Mina-anons leverages zero-knowledge proofs to create a secure and anonymous social layer.

mina-puzzles P2P Kit:

  • Description: A general-purpose peer-to-peer zero-knowledge puzzle and game kit, fostering innovative gaming solutions.
  • Award: 25,000 MINA.
  • Insight: This kit encourages the development of unique peer-to-peer games and puzzles, showcasing the versatility of zero-knowledge proofs in gaming.

Season 2 of Navigators

Building on the success of the first season, the second season of the Navigators program is already live. This season focuses on accelerating the development and deployment of projects on the Mina mainnet. Grants are available on a rolling basis through December 31, 2024, with a goal to fund and empower the strongest developers in the ZK space.

Applications are now open, and interested developers can learn more and apply for a grant here.
For more details on the grand prize winners and the Navigators program, visit the official Mina blog.

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