Weekly Recap: What’s Happening in Mina Protocol 9th June 2024

Milestone Reached: First Berkeley Block on Mainnet

The long-awaited Berkeley upgrade has successfully launched on Mina Protocol’s Mainnet. On June 5th at 02:00 am, the first block on the new Mainnet was produced, marking a significant milestone for the community and the protocol’s development. This upgrade brings enhanced features and capabilities, setting a new standard in zk-SNARK technology and blockchain programmability.

Celebrating the Berkeley Upgrade

Join the celebration with key figures in the Mina community. On June 10th at 7pm CEST, @evanshapiro and @bkase will be hosting an event with ZKV to discuss the present and future of Mina Protocol. Additionally, the June edition of “Illuminate” will take place on Discord, offering another opportunity to engage with the community and celebrate this achievement.

Key Insights from the Berkeley Upgrade

The Berkeley upgrade reintroduces $Mina and explores new concepts such as httpz and #ProofOfEverything. In their blog post, @bkase and @khem provide an in-depth look into these innovations, highlighting how they contribute to the protocol’s robustness and scalability.

Read the full blog post here.

ZKON Network and zkNoid Partnership: Advancing Gaming with zkOracles

A new partnership between ZKON Network and zkNoid aims to revolutionize the gaming industry. By integrating zkOracle solutions into their platform, zkNoid is set to offer secure and fair gaming experiences. This collaboration focuses on verifiable prize streams, real-time updates, enhanced security, and scalability, ensuring a better gaming experience for all users.

More information on the partnership can be found here.

Updates from the Ecosystem

ZekoLabs: Last Week to Participate in #ZekoBoost Contest

ZekoLabs is in the final week of their #ZekoBoost contest. This initiative has garnered significant attention and participation from the community. Make sure to get involved before it’s too late!

Details on the contest are available here.

comMinaty: The Future of ZK Gaming X Space Event

The recent “Future of ZK Gaming X” space was a notable event in the Mina ecosystem, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the advancements and future directions in zk-SNARK gaming technologies.

More about the event.

Punkpoll: Testing at #CVC24

Punkpoll participated in the #CVC24 event, showcasing their innovative voting platform. This test marks a significant step in developing secure and transparent voting mechanisms using zk-SNARK technology.

Learn more about Punkpoll.

Mina Foundation: Showcasing Use Cases and Projects at #CVC24

At the #CVC24, @khem from the Mina Foundation presented various use cases and notable projects built on the Mina Protocol. This presentation highlighted the protocol’s versatility and its potential to drive innovation across multiple sectors.

Kurt Hemecker

See the presentation details here.


The Berkeley upgrade is a monumental achievement for the Mina Protocol, ushering in a new era of zk-SNARK programmability and scalability. The ongoing developments and collaborations within the ecosystem demonstrate the protocol’s dynamic and innovative nature. Stay tuned for more updates and join the Mina community in celebrating this significant milestone.

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