Bootcamp Demos / WIP

BlindMansBluff: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

BlindMansBluff was developed by Wotomoas.

CheckerSnapp: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A Checkers game built to demonstrate Mina zkApps Smart Contracts at work.

Hangman: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A hangman game using zk proofs for Mina Protocol.

Mina Blank State: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

Mina Blank State by Quentin Compson loosely follows the game Blank Slate.

Mina Secret Exchange: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

The secret exchange allows users to buy imaginary tokens.

Much Flip Game: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

You’ll have to guess what your computer thinks and then you’ll have to defeat it.

SNAPP DogNet: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

Dognet uses neural networks to perform object detection and classification of an image.

Stir with Jar Of Pickles: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A concept for coin tumbler on Mina.


zkpass: Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

zkpass is a crypto identity dapp and identity authenticator.

Mastermind – Bootcamp Workshop zkApp

A 2 player game where the aim is to predict a series of colour combinations by process of elimination and uses zk technology.

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