Adventrue – A True Adventure with ZK

ZK Treasure Hunt with o1js

Cryptographic Primitives

An attempt to implement the BLS signature Scheme and Shamir Secret Sharing using o1js.


Verified community members to vote and file complaints anonymously without fear of recuperations.


A wallet leveraging Protokit.


zkMinaOnramp addresses the current need for a secure and efficient method to acquire MINA tokens swiftly.


You can get in, but I have zero knowledge about the ticket you own.


An anonymous scientific journal publishing and reviewing platform.

Katz – zkHack Nov23

Katz - zkhack zkApp

Anonymity for voters

o1js SHA – zkHack Nov23

Optimize the SHA256 circuit implementation

PoZKer- zkHack Nov23

Poker based on cryptography.

Two and a half zk – zkHack Nov23

Pocket-kimchi provides mobile bindings for o1js to the underlying Kimchi Rust proof system for Swift.

zk-Voting App – zkHack Nov23

A Secure Voting System that harnesses the capabilities of the o1js library and the Mina blockchain.

zkAargon – zkHack Nov23

zkAargon was built to prove a solution to a puzzle without revealing how.

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