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Anomix Network

Anomix Network is a zk-zkRollup layer2 solution focusing on privacy and scalability.

Metamask Snaps

MinaPortal, one of the first non-EVM wallet extensions on MetaMask Snaps.

AdMeta: A ZK-based advertising protocol – zkIgnite


Mina Protocol zkApp: AdMeta – A ZK-based advertising protocol.

zkIgnite: Cryptographic Proof of NFT Endorsement (CPoNE)

Verifying the authenticity of an NFT endorsement by a prominent person.

FlexSecure: Enhancing Flexibility Delivery Settlement with ZKPs – zkIgnite

Enhancing Flexibility Delivery Settlement with ZKPs.

Mina Arena – zkIgnite

mina arena

A turn-based strategy game built on the Mina blockchain.

Proof of Alpha – zkIgnite

proof of alpha

Allows traders to prove their trade performance (as % profit) to others without disclosing their private information.

Proof of Social Impact – zkIgnite

Social entrepreneurs looking to improve their impact measurement.


A tool for escrow smart contract generation (without coding).

RankProof – zkIgnite


A zk solution to verifying skills and validating claimed belt ranking.

Streamlining Web3 credentials – zkIgnite

Mina Protocol zkApp: Streamlining Web3 credentials: a community-based protocol

zkBUIDL Bounties: A Decentralized and Gamified Approach to TDD – zkIgnite

A Decentralized and Gamified Approach to TDD.

zkHumans – zkIgnite

proof of human

A Platform Enabling Secure and Private Digital Identity for Individuals and Collectives.

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