AdMeta: A ZK-based advertising protocol – zkIgnite

AdMeta: A ZK-based advertising protocol – zkIgnite

AdMeta – A ZK-based advertising protocol
AdMeta operates as a ZK-based Web3 advertising protocol exclusively tailored for Web3 applications. The protocol aids Web3 projects in acquiring users and promoting their products in a decentralized manner by utilizing on-chain and off-chain user behaviors.

In contrast to Web2 advertising platforms, AdMeta grants users full ownership, control, and profit from their own data. The platform ensures that data used for ad matching is authorized by the user and processed with privacy protection measures.
Additionally, AdMeta facilitates the monetization of content and land for Web3 content creators and Metaverse landholders, offering a simple and decentralized approach.
Problem Statement:
The current landscape of Web3 marketing faces the following challenges:
Web3 start-ups/companies: These entities encounter difficulties in promoting their products and services, particularly in the early stages. Existing options are limited, with the primary approach being the creation of user communities on Telegram and Discord, managed by marketing experts. However, this strategy is resource-intensive, inflexible for adapting to marketing shifts, inefficient, and lacks comprehensive metrics for evaluating marketing performance, such as conversion rates. Traditional digital advertising platforms like Google Ads cater to general advertising needs and fail to address the diverse niche markets of Web3. The development of a Web3-native advertising platform can address these issues effectively.
Web3 users: Privacy concerns regarding tech giants have raised awareness among both Web3 and regular internet users. Users are increasingly concerned about privacy issues. While platforms promise not to misuse user data without consent, exceptions exist, such as lengthy agreement terms that users must accept without reading, centralized database leaks, and behind-the-scenes data abuse. By leveraging ZK-based solutions, AdMeta ensures the prevention of data misuse and leakage through cryptographic algorithms. Moreover, unlike traditional ad services where advertisers pay the platform for advertising, AdMeta enables users to receive direct payment for displaying ads, with the platform only deducting a small commission. The fee model is decentralized and controlled by all users rather than a centralized platform owner.
AdMeta empowers advertisers to propose ads with specific tasks or acceptance rules, such as connecting wallets, following official Twitter accounts, or completing NFT purchases from specific collections. Advertisers can also define target audience groups to maximize conversion rates. Since all interactions occur on the blockchain, data transparency and traceability are ensured, including conversion rates and other marketing key performance indicators (KPIs).
For users, privacy concerns are addressed through the use of ZK technology. Ad-related data processing occurs locally within the user’s browser, ensuring it remains private. This empowers users to regain ownership of their data and profit from it without compromising their privacy.
AdMeta intends to develop a browser extension that integrates with the Mina zkApp framework. This extension allows users to opt-in to a privacy-preserving ad service. The service runs solely within the user’s browser and calculates the user’s browsing behavior, converting it into a score for each category. On-chain behavior is also taken into account during this calculation. For instance, two hours of GameFi playtime plus two relevant transactions might result in 10 GameFi points, while 30 minutes of DeFi browsing and two days of farming may yield 5 DeFi points. These scores determine the user’s levels in various Web3 niches, such as DeFi or GameFi, which are subsequently used for targeted advertising categories. Each achieved level requires the generation of a ZK proof, serving as a certificate for the user.

On the advertiser side, they can publish ads targeted at specific user groups (e.g., DeFi Level 2 and above). Thanks to ZKP, qualified users can receive relevant advertisements without compromising their privacy. Users can easily enable this advertising service and receive rewards upon completing the tasks provided by advertisers.

This project was funded by the Mina Foundation’s, zkIgnite program cohort 1.

Team members
Han Zhao -Discord ID(han#0884)
Shawn wang – Discord ID (kmy#6679)
Haoning wu – Discord ID (2245)



AdMeta: ZK Tabanlı Web3 Reklamcılığı Platform Genel Bakış: AdMeta, özel olarak Web3 uygulamalarına yönelik olan bir ZK tabanlı Web3 reklamcılık protokolüdür. Web3 projelerine, merkezi olmayan kullanıcı edinimi ve ürün tanıtımı için zincir dışı ve zincir içi kullanıcı davranışlarını kullanarak güç sağlar. Ana Özellikler: Sahiplik ve Kazanç: Kullanıcılar verilerinden tam sahiplik, kontrol ve kazanç elde eder. Gizlilik Koruma: Yetkilendirilmiş kullanıcı verileri gizlilik koruma önlemleriyle işlenir. Monetizasyon: Web3 oluşturucuları ve Metaverse arazi sahipleri için içerik ve arazi monetizasyonu sağlar. Ele Alınan Sorun: Başlangıç şirketleri ve kullanıcılar için Web3 pazarlamasındaki zorluklar, kaynak yoğun topluluk oluşturma ve gizlilik endişelerini içerir. Mevcut platformlar, Web3 niş pazarlarına hitap etmede başarısız olur. Çözüm: AdMeta, Web3 doğal reklam platformu öneriyor. Reklamverenler için, belirli kurallara dayalı görev tabanlı reklamlar sunar ve pazarlama KPI’larının şeffaflığını ve izlenebilirliğini sağlar. Kullanıcılar veri sahipliğini yeniden kazanır ve reklamları görüntülemek için doğrudan ödemeler alır; bu, kullanıcılar tarafından merkezi olmayan ve kontrol edilen bir süreçtir. Mimarlık: Mina zkApp çerçevesi içinde bir tarayıcı eklentisi geliştirerek, AdMeta kullanıcılara gizliliği koruyan bir reklam hizmetine katılma imkanı sunar. Tarama davranışları yerel olarak hesaplanır ve farklı Web3 nişleri için puanlar oluşturulur. ZK kanıtları, hedeflenen reklamcılık için kullanılan kullanıcı seviyeleri için sertifika görevi görür.

Reklamverenler, ZKP aracılığıyla gizliliği sağlayarak belirli kullanıcı gruplarına yönelik reklamlar yayınlayabilirler. Fonlama: Bu öncü proje, Mina Vakfı’nın zkIgnite programı kohort 1’den destek aldı. Ekip: Han Zhao (Discord: han#0884) Shawn Wang (Discord: kmy#6679) Haoning Wu (Discord: 2245) GitHub

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