Staking Providers

Mina Explorer

Soon to be discontinued Explorer, plus Mina Protocol staking service.


A development team working on Mina Protocol and a popular staking service., a MINA Protocol Staking Provider.


CertHum runs multiple block producers on Mina to provide security and consensus to the blockchain.


Everstake is in the TOP biggest staking as a service platforms worldwide.

French based staking provider for Mina Protocol.


Toronto based Node Operator and well establish staking provider.

The is managing nodes with long-term Enterprise level cyber security and Infrastructure experiences.

Outerspace Staking

Validator ran by Genesis Founding Member whisperit#8145.

P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a world-leading non-custodial staking provider securing $4+ billion in staked assets by 10,000+ delegators.


Pathrocknetwork is an individual validator, collator, node runner, teacher, crypto enthusiast and a big supporter of decentralization.


Mina Protocol Node operator and staking service for South Koreans.

Stake Your Mina

Ranked in TOP 25 among 3500+ participants in MINA. staking service for Mina Protocol.


Staketab is a staking provider for Mina Protocol.


StaMina is a Mina Staking provider. your guide to zkApps, the Mina Protocol Ecosystem and beyond.

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